GCN – Multidestination Programme


Aimed to students from overseas who are doing a Programme in the UK



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We offer two modalities:

  • A Full Programme
  • Basic Programme + optional activities

What the students can do:

  • Survival Spanish Lessons
  • Spanish Culture classes:
    • Multicultural society: different races, cultures, languages…
    • History: Greeks, Romans, Germans, Middle-Age, the discovering of America…,
    • Traditions: handicrafts, cooking, sports, music, dance
  • Cultural activities:
    • Flamenco show
    • Visit to the city of Science and Arts
    • Visit to Valencia University
  • Cultural visits (on voluntary basis):
    • The mountains: The Cork Forrest and Middle Age castle.
    • The Mediterranean sea: swimming and nautical sports (on voluntary basis)
    • Natural Park: Albufera Lake boat trip
    • Ancient Roman Village: Foro, Theatre, Coliseum, Baths, streets…
  • International Festival
    • Meeting with Spanish and other european students
  • Intercity journeys
    • To Barcelona / Madrid / Alicante. Cultural visits (one to choose, on voluntary basis)
  • … also we can offer an activity suggested by the sending institution… As special workshops about:
    • Working on a teamwork
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Social skills
    • Etc.

Accommodation options:

  • Shared Flat with other students
  • Spanish family
  • Apartment only for GCN members
  • Youth hostel
  • Hotel

Transportation options:

  • Public bus (a bono will be provided)
  • Metro (a bono will be provided)
  • Taxi (if necessary)

Approximate cost: (to be confirmed)

  • Programme fee: 350 €
  • Overall estimate: 750 €

Minimum participants to run the programme:

  • 3

Best dates to run the Programme:

  • We can organize the programme at any time in the year: we are able to adapt the dates for each single group

The main feast of the city is the third week of March (ends on the 19th of March).